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Scooter Rental in Jogja

FRent Jogja

A Jogja Scooter Rental, is the best scooter rental service, experienced and professional. Get free delivery and pick-up service at certain locations when you rent a motorbike from FRent Jogja. You get facilities helmets, raincoats etc.

Wide choice of motorbike rentals (brand, type, cc)

Free helmet for every motorbike rented

Free charger for selected motorbikes

Free raincoats for every motorbike rented


The Scooter you rent is always in the best condition. If the rented scooter fails to function properly during use, we will replace the rented scooter with a roadworthy unit


Just make a booking to rent a scooter from us, determine where and when we have to deliver the scooter, and we will be there according to your wishes (limited in certain area). Reservations can be made online or offline.

Affordable Price

The rates we charge are competitive. The longer the duration of your rental, the cheaper the unit rate will be paid. So what are you waiting for, reserve now

Full Service

We serve free pick-ups in the Malioboro area, the Yogyakarta train station, lempuyangan, prawirotaman, janti from 7am to 9pm. You get 2 helmets and 2 raincoats and more

“FRent Jogja is the best scooter rental in Jogja with cheap price and a very friendly service”

Motorbikes type that you can rent

Yamaha xride

Yamaha X Ride is an automatic scooter with a sporty and adventurous design concept. Suitable for use in heavy terrain.

Rp 70.000

Honda Beat

Honda Beat is an automatic scooter with a slim design that is agile when used for maneuvering. It’s a scooter with the highest level of sales in Indonesia. It has dimensions that are suitable for the posture of Indonesian in general.

Rp 70.000

Honda Spacy

Honda Spacy is an automatic scooter with a rather wide shape. Has a large fuel tank capacity so it is suitable for long trips. It has roomy baggage and suitable if you plan to carry lots of items while on the way.

Rp 60.000

Honda Scoppy

Honda Scoopy is an automatic scooter with a stylish classic design that is unique and fashionable. Suitable for those who want a scooter with a different look but still has high performance. Although the design that is carried does not give a solid impression, but when driving this motorbike can hit all terrain. FREE adapter charger.

Rp 80.000

Honda Vario 110

Honda Vario 110, is the most less-fuel-consumption scooter for 110 CC. Has a larger size than Honda Beat. Suitable for those who feel Honda Beat is too small. Carrying the same engine as Honda Beat.

Rp 70.000

Honda Vario 125

Honda Vario 125 cc is an automatic scooter that is sturdy and stable when used either on high or on low speeds. Has a larger size than the vario 110 and Honda beat. Has a 125 cc engine capacity, so the power resulted by the engine is also huge

Rp 80.000

Honda Genio

Honda Genio with its casual design and compact body, suitable for the younger generation. The latest motorbike from Honda is equipped with the latest generation of fuel-efficient eSP 110cc engines. FRent Jogja provides this bike with affordable rental prices

Rp 75.000

Yamaha NMAX

Yamaha Nmax is a automatic scooter with a large body. It is people’s favorite. Has a luxurious design and wide seat so that it is comfortable to use for long trips. Has a large engine capacity, 155 CC.

Rp 110.000

Honda PCX

Honda PCX is a large automatic body scooter that has a modern and futuristic design. Carrying the keyless concept, so that it no longer uses the key, enough with the remote control to turn on and turn off the engine. Has a large engine capacity, which is 155 CC. large engine capacity makes this huge scooter powered when driven

Rp 120.000

Yamaha All New N-max

Yamaha All New N-max is the latest variant of a large body scooter Yamaha N-max offers new features that further enhance driving comfort.

Rp 130.000

Honda Beat Street

Honda Beat Street is very lightweight, making it easy to handle, comfortable to drive and easy to maneuver through traffic. Honda Beat Street has a length of 1,856 mm, width of 741 mm and height of 1,054 mm.

Rp 75.000

Make sure that you rent scooter at right company, reliable and the best in Yogyakarta

Scooter Rental in JogjaFor you who want to rent a motorbike in Jogja, you should not just easily choose. Because there are many choices of rental that provide motorbikes for rent and you should know that not all of the rental are trusted. To find a trusted place, you must first search and analyze so that you can actually rent a motorbike from a rental place that is truly trustworthy.Avoid rentals from individualsUsually, in addition to the official motorbike rental places, there are also some who offer individual motorbike


rental. Well, it’s better for those who are individuals, you avoid first, especially if you really don’t know who is renting it out. Actually it’s not prohibited, but try to be more selective. Don’t be fooled by some people who only use you as tourists who don’t know anything about the location of Jogja. However, if you have friends or family, or you believe in individuals who rent out the motorbike, you may choose it.Find Various ReviewsThe next best way to find what you can do is to read the various reviews given by people who had rented the motorbike rental service. Well, you will usually find some reviews that are at least divided into two types whether they feel disappointed, or some are happy. Usually those who are happy, will recommend to others. While those who give negative reviews, they will ban it and tell to avoid such rental places. Try to read the various reviews that exist so that you know which are the best and worth choosing.Get Exclusive RecommendationsThere are some other way, more accurate ways you can do, such as asking people whether they are your family, friends or anyone who has rented a motorbike there. Usually from that person, you will get very in-depth information starting from the price, and the services provided by those motorcycle rental. Now, with such recommendations, then you will be very easy to get the best recommendations. With the best recommendationslike that, you don’t need to waste a lot of time looking for it.Now some of the points above can be used as a reference and also a guide when you will find the existence of the best and most trusted rental place. Besides that, you can actually be very likely to be able to get the cheapest rental place. Of course all of that needs a search first where a motorbike rental in Jogja and you don’t need to worry because with the above method, you can already get it.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any quaestions about scooter rental in Yogyakarta.

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